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Body muscle training

Thanks to Static training The muscles of the body can quickly bring itself into shape! We offer you easy exercises, for which practically no additional projectiles are needed.

It will take only 15 minutes of time and desire! I do not like to train in the hall, I always feel constrained, doing business with strangers. At home it's much easier!

To stimulate the continuation of regularPlay sports, reward yourself after every workout. Fruit smoothies, a pleasant trip to the store for a welcome purchase, a relaxing bathroom with foam ... it sounds strange, but you will accustom yourself not to shirk from working on your own body!

Body muscle training

  1. Bar
    Hold in this position with a flat back for 60 seconds. Exercise, always watch the breath! Breathe calmly, deeply, try not to knock down the rhythm of breathing, even under high loads.
  2. Muscle training

  3. Side bar
    Doing the exercise, make sure that the elbow was strictly under the shoulder, and the shoulder blades were brought together. Hold in this position for 60 seconds for each side.
  4. Muscle training

  5. Press training
    Lift the body from the prone position so that a right angle is formed between the back and the floor. Stay in this position for 60 seconds, to increase the load, you can slightly lift your legs up.
  6. Muscle training

  7. Bar at the tips of one's fingers
    When performing this exercise, make sure that the back is perfectly even. Hold on to your fingertips and toes 30-60 seconds.
  8. Muscle training

  9. Static training on a horizontal bar
    To perform this wonderful exercise you need a bar! Bend your legs at right angles and stay in this position for as long as you can.
  10. Muscle training

  11. Vertical push-ups
    Stand with your back to the wall for a distance of about 1 m. Put your hands on the floor, and your feet into the wall. Climb up the wall until the angle between the body and legs reaches 60 degrees.

    Now you can start pushing! At first it will be quite difficult, but eventually you will grow stronger and you will perform this training with ease.

  12. Muscle training

  13. Sit-ups on one leg
    Sit on one foot as many times as possible, perform an exercise for both legs. If it is difficult, you can crouch with a support.
  14. Muscle training

  15. Squat with a jump
    Sit down in the attack, then change your legs in a jump. Jump smoothly, on the half-bent knees, so you will avoid injuries.
  16. Muscle training

  17. Deep squats
    Perform deep squats, as if you pass under something low. Do 15 repetitions.
  18. Muscle training

I do not know the more effective Muscle training, Than this! She works through all the muscles, strengthening the muscular corset. You'll admire your figure after only a week of such effective classes! Show those who are close to these exercises, this is the ideal complex for studying at home!