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Fertilizer from banana peel

I was recently told about a remedy that can create a miracle even with sickly, sickly plants. Banana peel for houseplants - one of the most effective fertilizers!

Bananas contain a lot of nutrients that will strengthen the roots of domestic and garden plants, revive seedlings and will promote the active growth and flowering of your green pets.

Banana peel fertilizer

  1. It is worth saying that banana pulp is also veryEffective fertilizer! Soften 1 banana with a fork and cover with half a glass of water. If you need to urgently help the dying plant, this express means will bring it back to life very quickly.
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  3. A mixture of banana pulp and water can be poured directly into the soil!
  4. Banana peel

  5. but Banana peel - cheaper and affordable fertilizer than the flesh of a ripe banana ... cover the skin with water and let it brew for 24 hours.
  6. Banana peel fertilizer

  7. Mix 1 part of the energy cocktail for plants from banana peel and 5 parts water.
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  9. Water the plants regularly with this miracle cure!
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  11. Which is especially noteworthy, banana peelCan be used as a fertilizer base several times! Fill the skin with water again and be calm that the magic potion for the growth of strong and beautiful plants will soon be prepared again.
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My beloved Drazen has almost died, but I used this fertilizer. The result struck me - the plant was strengthened after a week of constant watering with infusion of banana peel!

Tell your friends about this delicious recipe, gardeners will be very grateful!