/ / She put mayonnaise on her hair, and after 20 minutes she got a stunned result!

She put mayonnaise on her hair, and in 20 minutes she got a stunned result!

Dry, lifeless, discolored and disobedientHair is very difficult to tidy. For sure you've already tried out a hundred air conditioners that did not help and even worsen the situation. What to do in this case?

This girl recommends applying on hair A mask from mayonnaise. why not? Let's consider its composition: vegetable oil, water, eggs, vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice, mustard. All these components are used in home hair masks.

Even if there are a few preservatives in mayonnaise, it is in any case much more useful than any hair conditioner!

  1. The girl had dry, lifeless hair.
  2. She put mayonnaise on her hair.
    Girl puts mayonnaise on hair
  3. Put on a shower cap on her head.
    Girl in a shower cap
  4. Wrapped her head in a towel. Waited 20 minutes.
    The girl in the towel
  5. Well washed hair. And then dried and shipped with a hairdryer.
  6. That's what happened!
    The girl dries her hair
  7. "I can not stop touching my hair. it is amazing!" Says the girl.

This beauty bloggersha constantly conducts experiments. For example, she recently used a "coca-cola" for her hair!

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