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How to clean a grate on a gas stove

Grill for the cooker I hate to wash the most. It's good that there is a delightful trick that makes this unpleasant procedure easier!

Do not have to rub anything with an iron brush or suffer from the terrible smell of a chemical ... all thanks to a cunning approach to cleaning.

Grate plate

How to clean the grilles on a gas stove

You will need

  • 4 plastic bags with fasteners
  • ammonia
  • Container with sprinkler

You just need to put dirty Grilles of a gas cooker In bags and sprinkle on them with ammonia andButton up the packages. It is necessary to wait a little, and then wipe each grate with a sponge, sliding over the surface of the bag. The purification process is incredibly easy! Look at the video, how it's done.

Now the bars on my plate look like new. Share this useful technique for cleaning with your friends, make life easier for them!