/ How to Make a Carpet

How to Make a Carpet

I liked this idea, because I respect the style of patchwork - from the flaps you get very original things! So that Make a home mat, You need scraps of any carpet fabric or cut old carpets.

The cost of such a carpet is quite small, but it looks great. Immediately want to do a similar thing, and I will do it in the near future!

How to make a rug

  1. Old mats need to be cut into flat rectangles or squares. You can use cheap trimming from the carpet store: they are always available, and the material is completely new.
  2. Carpet

  3. To collect such a carpet - a fascinating activity, similar to a puzzle or tetris.
  4. Carpet of scraps

  5. So that the carpet does not look boring, leave spaces for small colored patches. Bright spots will make the design of the rug unique!
  6. Patchwork mat

  7. Adhesive tape will help to connect and hold the parts of the rug. If you use a double-sided tape, the mat will stick well on the floor!
  8. Make a mat photo

  9. Gently squeeze part of the rug between each other.
  10. Self-made carpet

  11. Some parts get to connect perfectly!
  12. carpet

  13. But if there are small gaps - it's easy to fix, do not worry.
  14. Make a mat photo

  15. This is how the finished product looks!
  16. Old carpet mat

  17. The needle roller will help to spread the pile of the rug, fill the gaps between the pieces of fabric and give Homemade rug Presentable appearance.
  18. Make a carpet

  19. The result impressed me! If you buy such a thing already finished, it will be expensive. But the handmade works wonders!
  20. Carpet Photo

An ingenious way of reworking old carpets! Show your friends this wonderful idea, they will surely like it.