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Table of pallets

Wooden pallets - Priceless stuff! From ordinary boxes you can make a sofa, a bed, an armchair, a bench, shelves ...

This woman decided to transform her interior and create an original piece of furniture in the rustic style. Say that I liked the result - do not say anything!

Furniture from pallets

  1. I can not believe that such a chic coffee table is made of simple boxes.
  2. Table photo

  3. First you need to disassemble pallets. This work requires patience, but we remember how promising the result looks!
  4. Pallets

  5. With the aid of sandpaper it is necessary to smooth out any irregularities.
  6. Furniture from pallets

  7. Some boards should be cut in half. Long boards will serve as legs, a smaller table will be assembled from smaller halves.
  8. Table of pallets photo

  9. That's what happens as a result!
  10. Wooden table photo

  11. You can leave the table in its original form, and can be varnished. It all depends on your preferences!
  12. Table photo

  13. This coffee table looks like an elite furniture, no doubt.
  14. Table photo

such Table of pallets Useful at home, and at the cottage! I dream to place a similar table on the balcony, painting it in a bright color.

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