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Properties of hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide Will be your irreplaceable helper afterPerusal of this article! How often we do not even realize that with the help of improvised means you can create real miracles ... take a bottle of peroxide and look at it. You are holding a real treasure in your hands!

How to use hydrogen peroxide

  1. Peroxide will help remove stains from white tissue. Apply a little peroxide on the stain and rub it - the result you like!
    Stains on the fabric
  2. Add peroxide to the water for washing the floor. Wooden floors will shine!
    Room interior
  3. Spray the plants with a weak solution of peroxide (25 g of a 3% peroxide solution per 1 liter of water) - so you will protect them from any pests and fungus, and still strengthen their immunity.
    House plants
  4. Before you wash your head, make a solution of water and peroxide and apply to the hair. Then wash your head as usual. Peroxide will give hair shine and splendor!
    Lush hair
  5. Add a little peroxide to the cold water and hold fruit in it. This is an effective remedy against pesticides!
    Girl with food
  6. With the help of peroxide, even the dirtiest worktop can be cleaned very easily.
  7. Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, you bleach your teeth and decontaminate the mouth. It is very useful to do this 3 times a day!

    It should be remembered that some people may have Allergy to hydrogen peroxide, So be sure to check your reaction: apply a drop of funds to a small area of ​​skin on the inside of the elbow.

    Mouth rinse

  8. Washing the refrigerator with peroxide once, you'll do it all the time! Everything is sparkling.
    Wipe dust
  9. Peroxide will help to easily clean the bathroom of the fungus. Before cleaning, apply the product to problem areas and leave it for a while, the dirt will easily wash off after such a procedure.
    Wash the bathroom
  10. If you have oily skin, it is appropriate to use hydrogen peroxide to wipe your face. This is a good preventive against acne.
    Pimple photo
  11. Mix a small amount of peroxide and olive oil. This is a great tool for an ideal cleaning of the ears!
    an ear
  12. Holding your feet in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, you will cure the fungus!
  13. Peroxide copes well with stains on terry towels and returns them a decent appearance.
  14. A drop of peroxide will help prevent the formation of mucus and fungus in aquarium water. Fish and turtles, it does not hurt, do not worry!
  15. Removing, use hydrogen peroxide, and you will forget about any unpleasant smells!

Application of hydrogen peroxide In various household matters it was a discovery for me ... you really will find these tips useful! Share ingenious tricks with friends, showing them our article.