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Baby teeth in children

When in children Baby teeth fall out, Many parents make a special ritual. So that the child is happy, the tooth is changed to a coin and sent to his tooth fairy - because all children like such entertainment ...

Knowing about the latest scientific research on thisTheme, I'm not in a hurry to get rid of the young teeth that have just dropped out of the children. It turns out, this is a valuable genetic material that will help cope with various serious diseases!

baby teeth

Baby teeth in children

The whole point is that the milk teeth contain Stem cells!! These cells can regenerate neurons, bonesAnd cartilage, as well as some cells of cardiac muscle tissue. Modern science allows the use of these cells to restore organs in the event of illness.

The latest scientific discoveries show that,That it is possible to cure leukemia, multiple myeloma and hodgkin's disease by using the child's stem cells. Earlier these diseases were treated only by transplanting the bone marrow or other tissues!

To save stem cells, you needFreeze the milk tooth within 48 hours after falling out. In the United States and many other countries, umbilical cord blood banks and stem cells are common, in which genetic material can be deposited at the time of the birth of the child. If the baby falls ill, he will be safe - new technologies will take care of his health.

But if there is no money and the opportunity to use such a bank, you just need to freeze the tooth and store it! Who knows, maybe this will save the child's life in the future ...

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