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Signs of vitamin deficiency

Many are inclined to think that dry skin, brittleNails and early gray hair they are due to poor heredity, poor ecology, nerves and so on. Of course, these factors are important, but sometimes the symptoms that we take for granted are in fact Signs of vitamin deficiency.

Lack of vegetables and fruits, excessive enthusiasm for half-finished products and fast food can disrupt the balance of nutrients and harm our health. So it is important to learn to recognize 9 main signs of deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Signs of vitamin deficiency

  1. cold hands
    cold hands

    It is proved that there is a direct link between iodine deficiency and cold hands. iodine Is necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, its absence causes also spasm of blood vessels, which prevents normal blood supply to the hands, feet, and sometimes the nose and ears.

    To ensure the body's need for iodine, watch for enough fish and seafood on your table, do not forget about the persimmon and buckwheat.

  2. Dry skin
    Dry skin

    If a person does not suffer from specific skinDiseases (atopic dermatitis or psoriasis) and regularly uses a moisturizer, his skin should not be dry and flaky. This condition may indicate a deficit Vitamin A, Or retinol.

    To fix the situation, eat more red meat, butter, carrots, bell pepper and do not forget to take fish oil (it is now sold in capsules).

  3. Softness and delamination of nails
    Soft nails

    Nails are an excellent indicator of our health. Soft and brittle nails speak of a deficiency of magnesium. The lack of this element can cause problems with the growth and production in the body of keratin, provoke high blood pressure, a sense of anxiety, muscle aches and general weakness.

    magnesium Can be obtained from green vegetables, fish, whole grains and dried fruits.

  4. Stains on nails
    Stains on nails

    White strips on the nails indicate a deficit Zinc, Which is an important microelement for growth and development. It is necessary to maintain normal immunity, normal brain function and ability to reproduce.

    Pay attention to seafood, nuts, spinach, vegetables and mushrooms to maintain the proper level of zinc in the body.

  5. rash
    Flaky rash

    Too oily skin with frequent rashes can talk about a lack of Vitamin b2. Enrich your diet with spinach, natural yoghurts without additives, beets and turkey meat.

  6. Cracks in the tongue
    Cracks in the tongue

    Cracks in the tongue can be very painful and sometimes become ulcers. Increase the consumption of fish, green peas, avocados, peanuts, rich Vitamin b3.

  7. Premature graying
    Premature graying

    Graying is a natural biological process that occurs with age. It's bad business when a young man is still gray ...

    Flaw Vitamin B12 Causes a change in hair color and early graying. Stop the process can be, supplementing their diet with salmon, white chicken meat, bran and yogurt.

  8. Redness and friability of the tongue
    Redness and friability of the tongue

    Flaw Folic acid Can cause redness, soreness, swelling and looseness of the tongue. Eat lentils, peas, broccoli and asparagus to avoid such unpleasant symptoms.

  9. Excessive sweating
    Excessive sweating

    Sweating is a normal process for our body, but excessive sweating of only the scalp and forehead may indicate a problem with the level Vitamin D. It is produced by the body under the influence of sunlight and affects the absorption of calcium.

    To sweating may join a general weakness,Fatigue, muscle pain and depression. A natural way to compensate for the lack of vitamin D - more often appear in the sun, especially after the gloomy winter days.

Full and balanced nutrition will allowAvoid beriberi. Of course, you can always go to the pharmacy and buy a jar with a vitamin complex, but remember that synthetic vitamins should be taken correctly.

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