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How to grow cucumbers

Well, who does not like fresh or cannedCrispy cucumber? Probably, no festive feast can not do without this delicious vegetable. Agree that there is nothing better than cucumbers grown at home. Unfortunately, they require a relative space in the garden. A large plot of land can boast of not everyone.

So we have prepared a way that will help you To grow cucumbers in bags For 1 m² and get more than 1,000 fruits. Let's start ...

How to grow cucumbers

Painted cucumbers

  1. Take bags of dense polyethylene or from sugar with a volume of 70 liters. Pour in them the earth from layers of soil and manure. Put the bag upright. Preferably in a small depression.
  2. In the middle of each bag, insert a two-meterA wooden stick. At the end of the stick, nail the nail and tie the mating for future cucumbers. In each bag, you need to insert 3 plastic tubes with small holes along the entire length. They are needed for irrigation.
  3. Seed of cucumber (3 pcs.) We plant between the sticks, and the rest - in checkerboard pattern in the side sections in the bag. The incisions are made in the form of a triangle, they bend and the seeds are planted there. On each bag you need about 15 seeds.
  4. Water the earth through plastic tubes. Do it every day, if the summer is hot. If cool, then less often.
  5. When there are 5-7 leaves, tie them to a stick with knots.
  6. It is best to plant different varieties of vegetables. This will allow harvesting up to the very frosts.

Cucumbers in bags

Take these tricks to grow cucumbers in a bag and use them to health. Of course, in the process you will add your observations, which we ask to share with us!

Keep this useful information, and also share it with your friends!