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How to charge your phone with a lemon

Literally the other day a video appeared on the Useful lifhakom. Its authors from the UK claim that you can charge any smartphone with the help of fruit.

Experimenters suggest cutting a lemonIn half, plug the charger into it, using two halves of citrus. After that you just need to connect the smartphone to the charging, wait and voila!

How to charge your phone with a lemon

In general, words in words, but it is better to see it with your own eyes.

After watching this video, we were in shock. One commentator of this video explains the process as follows: "lemon juice works as an electrolyte for two metal electrodes, which are usually made of nickel and copper. If the charging electrodes are made of magnesium and copper, then less juice is needed, and the voltage is higher. "

Others claim that to implement this lifhak, a minimum of 6 lemons, a wire and a copper coin or a nail are needed.

In general, believe it or not - it's up to you. We really liked this trick!

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