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How to use baby powder

baby powder - this is a thing that should be in everyone's house. It turns out that there are many ways to use it. This useful tool solves at least 12 adult problems.

And most importantly its advantage is low cost, as well as availability, since it is sold in each pharmacy. Take it into service and take advantage of your health!

How to use baby powder

  1. Lush eyelashes
    If before applying the carcass slightly distribute the baby powder with a cotton swab on the eyelashes, they will become voluminous and fluffy.
    Baby powder on the hand
  2. Saving old books
    It turns out that if old books are sprinkled a little with baby powder, you can bring them back to life. This means absorbs moisture and gives books a new look. After gently brush off the powder.
    Baby powder on a book
  3. Off grease stains
    Baby powder also absorbs fat well. If you put something on your clothes, immediately put a stain on it.
    Grease on the shirt
  4. for shoes
    To get rid of the unpleasant odor from the shoes, as well as from the creaking, sprinkle a little baby powder into it and leave it overnight in a cool place, for example, on the balcony.
    Baby powder in shoes
  5. Porcelain face
    So that the face does not shine, it is not necessary to use matting powder. Will approach and ordinary children's powder.
    Baby powders instead of powders
  6. dry shampoo
    To quickly refresh your hair, if there is no time for washing, put a child's powder on your hair and comb it well. This method is suitable only for blonde.
    dry shampoo
  7. So that the floor does not creak
    If the wooden floor creaks, sprinkle it with a powder and notice it in the cracks. The problem is solved!
    Baby powder on the floor
  8. Stunning lifhak
    If you mess up the chain, sprinkled it with baby powder, you can easily unravel it!
    Baby powder and chain
  9. Keep the purity of things
    So that the white shirt does not so quickly get dirty, iron it, and then put some baby powder on the collar and cuffs.
    White shirt and powder
  10. We clean the pet
    To clean the pet's coat, apply a little baby powder on it, and then comb it well.
    Cleaning of a pet
  11. After epilation
    To reduce redness and dry the inflamed areas after epilation, sprinkle the skin with this universal powder.
  12. Comfort while walking
    If the inner surface of the thighs is rubbed while walking, then beforehand, powder them with baby powder.

In these cases, the usual baby powder saves perfectly. Share with your friends these wonderful tricks!