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Culinary tricks

About it the chefs are told only to the elite, but I managed to take a piece of valuable experience from one master of the kitchen!

Resorting to small tricks, you canCook any dish perfectly. Rich taste, pleasant aroma, wonderful serve - it's a sin not to use these brilliant culinary tips for the best result!

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Culinary tricks

  1. White wine In sauce can replace 2 tsp. Sugar, melted in a small amount of vinegar.

    Experiment with sauces: only 1 tsp. Soy sauce in soup or stew will greatly improve the taste of the dish!

  2. That the meat was very soft and goodFried, you need to rub it with soda and put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then the meat should be rinsed thoroughly with soda and cooked in the usual way. Is the most delicate dish!
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  4. Cunning for the most Delicious pancakes!! After the preparation of the test, you need to give him a "break" for an hour, and only then cook the pancakes.
  5. a fish Do not fall apart when frying, if salt it for 15 minutes before cooking.
  6. So that grilled meat It turned out more delicious, put a piece of lemon and cake on a frying pan.
  7. Do not throw the fried stick to the frying panPieces! This is a miracle ingredient that keeps the main taste and smell of the dish. Pour a little water, wine, broth or sauce into the frying pan, gently peel the roast from the frying pan and add to the main dish.
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  9. Dumplings Never get burned, if you smear the edge of the dough with yolk! It's brilliant, I believe.
  10. The most delicious way of cooking Cauliflower - put it out in milk. Even those who hate cabbage will love this taste!
  11. If during cooking Carrots Add half a cup of apple juice to the water, you will get incredibly aromatic, spicy carrots!
  12. So that when frying on the products formed a golden crust, add a pinch of sugar or sugar powder. Because of pepper and salt, sugar will not be felt, but a crisp crust is provided!
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  14. Secret of a successful Fruit pie: Sprinkle the dough with white breadcrumbs, and only then put the fruit. Biscuits when preparing a pie will absorb all the excess moisture, and the juice will not flow!
  15. highly Fresh bread It will be cut off easily and beautifully if you use a hot knife.
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  17. Any porridge Will be times more delicious, if before cooking, heat the rump in a hot frying pan with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil.

If you thought you were entertaining Culinary advice, Be sure to share them with loved ones! And remember: love is the main ingredient in the recipe of any dish ...