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Properties of essential oils

Imagine, today scientists came to the conclusion that some essential oils Can stop the development of cancer. The researchers found that the frequency of cell vibrations in the human body can tell about the state of the body. A healthy body, as a rule, has a frequency of 62 to 78 MHz, while the frequency of the disease is 58 cps.

You will not believe, but negative thoughts can also affect Oscillation frequency Cells of your body! Studies confirm that negative thinking can reduce this frequency by an average of 12 MHz. Positive thoughts, on the contrary, raise the oscillation frequency by an average of 10 MHz. So think positive!

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Bruce Tainio, head of the Department of Agriculture at the University of East Washington, is studying the effects of essential oils on the human body. He came to the conclusion that the majority Aromatic oil Have a frequency of oscillations at the level of 52 MHz, and the essential oil of the rose reaches the highest level of 320 MHz!

Properties of essential oils

  1. Liver cancer - incense essential oil
    It is proved that this oil helps suppress the growth of cancer cells and regulates the life cycle of healthy cells.
  2. Lung cancer - incense oil
    Incense oil is effective against cancer cells resistant to drugs.
  3. Breast cancer - chamomile, cinnamon and thyme oil
    These oils have, in addition to anti-cancer properties, high antibacterial efficacy. Essential oils of oregano also showed good results in the fight against breast cancer.
  4. Melanoma - lavender oil, chamomile
    Baths with the addition of chamomile and lavender oils can relieve severe pain. Taking a bath, add 2-3 drops of oil, and you will feel relief.
  5. Leukemia - cumin oil, rosemary
    These oils are recommended for use also for the purpose of disease prevention and as general strengthening (to enhance immunity).
  6. Pancreatic cancer - lavender oil
    This oil can be used both externally and internally.

It is worth using only pure oils (undiluted). Inwardly You should take butter for 1-3 drops, 3-4 weeks in a row. For such treatment is a mandatory condition - the presence of emulsifiers (a tablespoon of honey, syrup, jam or cream).

for Burning oils (Thyme, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon,Sage and some others) it is necessary to make small capsules from bread: after washing the pulp, drop a little oil on it. And be sure to adhere to the dosage indicated in the prescription.

At Rubbing of essential oils Should observe the proportion: for 1-3 drops of essential oil take 1 tbsp. A spoonful of base oil, you can use olive oil. Rub oils best in those areas where there is soreness.

It should be remembered that the course of treatment with oils should be at least two months. Remember that essential oils can also help in the fight against negative Consequences of chemotherapy.

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