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How to grow chili

Chili peppers can easily be grown at home. What a pity that I did not come up with such a brilliant idea before: I adore the acuteness of these peppers, in addition, they look so cute on the windowsill ...

This plant loves a sunny, warm place. You can grow pepper from seeds in a pot, and you can first prepare the seedlings and then transplant the plant into the ground! A great option for a summer residence.


How to grow chili

You will need

  • Gloves
  • priming
  • Chilli seeds
  • A small pot
  • water

  1. Soak Chilli seeds In warm water. Leave them there for a day, then take it out and dry it. Plant in the soil you need only fully dried seeds!

    The soaking procedure activates the seeds, and the plant will grow strong. Even better used as an environment for soaking chamomile tea, it has a beneficial effect on the seeds!

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  3. Prepare the pots for seeding, add drainage to the bottom of the pot, and into the soil - fertilizer. Make a soil in the soil a height of 1.5 cm and put a seed in it.
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  5. Water the seeds daily, 1 tsp. Water daily will be enough to moisten the earth around each seed.
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  7. The chili pepper loves the warmth and plenty of sunlight, therefore to provide suitable conditions for the germination of seeds. It is appropriate in this case to use an infrared lamp, which accelerates the germination of pepper!
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  9. The first germ can appear in a couple of days! After a few weeks, the plant can be transplanted into the soil or a larger pot.
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  11. An important point: If you want to transplant the pepper in the open ground, you need to season the sprouts, taking them out to fresh air. Only a couple of hours a day, and plants adapt to changes in temperature! This will protect against the death of tiny germs during transplantation.
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  13. Fertilizers containing potassium are ideal for chili peppers. Regularly fertilizing a small tree, you create all the conditions for a generous harvest!
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How do I like the little white flowers that appear during the flowering of chili peppers! Look very impressive ...

This medicinal plant prolongs life, itsFruits are used to prevent colds, poisoning. In addition, the sauce of chili peppers is a delicious addition to any meat dishes! Show your relatives how you can grow this miracle on your windowsill.