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Attracting money

In some things it is difficult to believe, especially when they lack a logical explanation. Nevertheless, this does not diminish their effectiveness.

Every person knows the signs, promising money and luck. "so simple!" Proposes to apply The techniques that attract money to the wallet. Those who practice them say that they really work!

Attraction of money

Attraction of money

  1. Put money in your wallet face-to-face in descending order, so that first of all there are bills of greater dignity before your eyes.
  2. Do not turn the banknotes in your wallet upside down.
  3. Find your lucky note, Money mascot, Put it in a purse and never part with it. The last 2, preferably 3, and ideally - 4 digits of the number of such a note must coincide with the date of your birth.
    Happy bill
  4. Do not put money in bundles with an odd number of banknotes.
  5. If you use the currency of different countries, keep it in different parts of your wallet.
  6. If you caught a coin lying on the road, lying with an eagle up, raise it (this is for profit), if the coin lies with the eagle down - leave to lie further.
  7. Choose the right one A purse for attracting money: It must be made of genuine red leather.
    Red purse
  8. Do not keep old wallets, throw them away.
  9. Put in a purse, in a compartment with a transparent window, a picture depicting what you want to save a large sum of money for.
  10. From dirty and tattered bills get rid of immediately, they do not belong in your purse.
  11. Do not leave your wallet completely without money, even if it contains at least one paper bill and several coins.

Of course, all these ways of attracting money can seem like grandmother's tales ... if you do not believe in such things, try to treat them like a game, what the hell is not joking!

Wealth to you and your loved ones, who may also be interested in this article!