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Foot massage for children

When a small child is ill, he cries - he does not yet know how to share his state with others ...

Cope with children's cry, stop hystericsAnd to improve the condition of the baby can be very easy, the expert in pediatrics assures! For this you only need to massage the small legs in the right places ... each organ is responsible for a certain zone on the foot.

Having tried this method, parents always soothe babies with the help of a pleasant therapeutic Foot foot massage!!

Foot massage for children

Foot massage for children

  1. Head and teeth
    It is necessary to gently massage these areas if the child's teeth are pricked and hurt. It is also useful to massage these active points on the foot if the baby has hypertension of the leg muscles.
  2. Foot massage for children

  3. Nose, nasal passages
    By dabbing active points on the toes, you can remove the stuffiness of the nose and accelerate the process of recovery of the body after a cold.
  4. Foot massage for children

  5. lungs
    If the child coughs, it is very useful to gently squash this zone on the foot!
  6. Foot massage for children

  7. solar plexus
    The solar plexus is a complex accumulation of nerves in the abdominal cavity behind the stomach. If the child has a stomach ache, very much help to pressure in this area on the foot!
  8. Foot massage for children

  9. Upper abdomen
    By clicking on this area of ​​the baby's foot, you will improve the work of the intestines and remove the spasms that can cause children's crying.
  10. Foot massage for children

  11. hypogastrium
    If the child knits with his feet, bloating is observed, be sure to massage these zones on the legs. All as a hand will remove!
  12. Foot massage for children

  13. back
    Making massage of these areas, you will achieve a relaxed state in the child. It is very useful to conduct such a procedure at night!
  14. Foot massage for children

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