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Cure for cracks on the heels

Cracks on the heels A very common problem thatGives a lot of discomfort: dryness, thickening of the skin ... this may be the result of insufficient moistening of the heels, dry air, broken diet, improper care of the feet, bad shoes, age, or even skin diseases.

"so simple!" Has prepared for you a prescription for a remedy that will help in this matter.

Cracks remedy for heels

Cotton swab on the heel

You will need

  • 10 tablets of aspirin
  • 250 ml of 70% alcohol

Application of

  1. Rastolki tablets in powder and fill them with alcohol. The mixture should stand for several days.
  2. Before each use, shake the container with the mixture. Then moisten the cotton swab in the solution and put it to the problem site.
  3. Wrap the heel with a plastic wrap and leave it overnight.
  4. In the morning, wash your feet, dry them with a towel and apply glycerin or fat cream on them.
  5. Cracks on the heels and coarsened skin will disappear after ten procedures.

Be sure to tell your friends about this medicine, because surely they also faced this problem!