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Onions for the prevention of influenza

bow - the oldest vegetable, which is used forCooking around the world. But, in addition to its taste, it has many medicinal properties that were known dozens of centuries ago and, at the same time, which are still open today.

Onions for the prevention of influenza


It is not a secret that onions are advised to be used for food for prevention and Treatment of viral and catarrhal diseases. Onions were widely used for this purposeAyurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine. This product facilitates the symptoms of the flu, relieves nasal congestion, removes cough. This is recognized even by modern doctors.

In addition, if you cut a bulb into 4 parts and spread them around the house for the night, the onion will kill the germs and Will prevent the flu. It is best to put the lobules in the bedroom, near the bed, so that you can breathe fumes at night.

at Onion Contain thiosulfinates, sulfoxides. Onion has a pungent taste and smell just because of them.

Sulfur compounds also play an important role in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. In addition, they contribute to improving immunity for Disease prevention.

This product has many other useful properties that everyone should know about, so tell them about it to your friends!