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Why fry spices

Using Spices and spices, You will not only improve the taste of dishes, but also helpYour body to digest food! We usually season the food with a variety of fragrant herbs and spices in the form of powder. But if you try to cook dishes differently, you will not want to return to the usual method ...

Familiar chef advised me to use theHome cooking only whole spices. They are many times more fragrant powdered, stored for a long time, and yet - it is a treasure of valuable trace elements! I still thank for this advice.

So that the spices were especially fragrant, you can use a tricky trick. The result is guaranteed to you!


Why fry spices

Try it Fry pieces of whole spices In a small amount of vegetable oil beforeThe way to put them in the main course. Oil can be used any, it is very tasty it turns out with sesame and mustard, linseed oil, but also olive will approach.

Thanks to this trick of spices will reveal their taste and flavor fuller, and the dish will turn out to be spicy! Ginger, black pepper, cardamom, cumin, coriander - you can fry everything.

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If you prefer to cook without oil, you can fry the spices just like that, in a frying pan with a suitable coating or in a saucepan with a thick bottom.

Fry whole seasonings on a small fire for 2 minutes until they begin to crackle characteristic. After that, cut them in a mortar and boldly add them to the dish!

The smell and taste of fried spices will lead you toDelight ... be sure to try this method, it will make a small revolution in your kitchen! I recently roasted rosemary and thyme before adding it to the soup, and it turned out an indescribably tasty dish.

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