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Drawing on nails

Special Brushes for drawing on nails Are sold in many cosmetics stores, but, truth be told, they are not cheap. And why buy expensive tools, when there is an opportunity to save money!

Today we will tell you how to make perfectly smooth lines on the nails. Such cunning will help in Drawing on the nails of beginners. For this purpose, there are no longer any stickers or special tools. All you need is in every house!

Crop the brush

Drawing on nails

You will need

  • Vial of nail polish
  • scissors
  • Dry wipes


  1. Rub lacquer with a brush with dry napkins.
  2. Start to cut the brush a little bit until it becomes thin.
  3. Put the brush back into the vial.

Depending on the degree of clicking on the brush, you will get lines of different thicknesses. Experiment with the design, color, texture, and you will have their own unique Drawings on nails!!

Master-class on creating a miracle brush look in this video.

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