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Advices to housewives

I would never have thought that I would spend so muchTime in the kitchen! But when we had a small child, it became very difficult for my wife to do all the household chores and I took upon myself the honorary role of the duty cook.

I was always fascinated by new ideas, new knowledge inI study every question in detail before starting to work. Cooking of any, even a very simple dish, turned into an adventure for me!

I share with you these Kitchen tips, Tried by me during attempts to please the family with culinary masterpieces. I hope they will be useful for both experienced and novice mistresses!

Advice to housewives

  1. You can cook eggs, you can cook an omelet, or you can go another way! My home fell in love Baked eggs - it is only necessary to place them in a preheated oven for 180 minutes for 25 minutes, and you will get a wonderful dish!
  2. I did not cook Tacos According to a traditional recipe, but tried to fry a thin lavash in the oven, placing pieces on the grill in this way. It turned out very tasty, the main thing - to choose the right sauce!

    With the help of a device for cleaning vegetables, it is possible to cut the onion very thinly and very quickly.


  3. I'm delighted with this gorgeous way of lodging Strawberry with cream!!

    Skewers - a miracle instrument in the hands of a man not deprived of imagination!

    Strawberry Photo

  4. Very convenient to store spaghetti In a long box of chips.
  5. Cork from wine Will help to close any packaging, and it looks solid.
  6. With the help of magnets and frying pans, you can always keep a crib with a prescription in front of your eyes ...

    The trouser hanger also fits: the recipe will be in sight!

    Kitchen photo

  7. If you hate getting Bones of cherries, You definitely need to make such a clever fork! You just need to bend the outer teeth, and you will get a superinstrument for working with cherries!

    Cherry photo
  8. Fill the balloons with water and freeze them. Ingenious trick for Cooling of spirits!!
  9. Spices can be stored in boxes from under the tick-taka.
  10. From the available products you can make a great snack and decorate it no worse than in a restaurant.

    Bright idea - to cook Watermelon jelly Right in the watermelon rind! This dessert produced a furore on a family holiday.

    Watermelon pictures

    When I want something tasty and useful at the same time, I prepare such Apple rings In breaded with sugar and cinnamon. It's easier, but everyone likes it!

    Apple photo

Every day becomes special when you put your soul into everything that you do. If you appreciate these Useful advice to housewives, I think it's worth showing them to your friends!