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Prevention of breast cancer

Every eighth woman in the world has breast cancer. Today there are no reasons why some women are susceptible to this disease, while others are not.

The main factors, Affecting the development of breast cancer, are: Age, genetic predisposition, obesity after menopause or overweight, poor physical activity, alcohol abuse, late delivery (after 35 years).

In the early stages of the disease most often occurs completely asymptomatic, and the first Signs of cancer Can be densification and changes in the appearance of the breast.


Prevention of breast cancer

You are what you eat! In addition to heavy pharmacological artillery, conventional products help in the fight against tumors.

6 products to enhance immunity

  1. seaweed
    Seaweed is a rich sourceIodine, and its lack in the body leads to a great risk of developing breast cancer. Chlorophyll, present in algae, has a strong anti-cancer effect. Try to use more often seaweed and products rich in iodine.
  2. Soybean
    Soy products such as tofu, tempe and miso,Contain genistein - plant hormone. But soy meat and milk contain a very low level of genistein, so these foods should be avoided in the diet.
  3. onion and garlic
    Garlic and onion are some of the best Anti-cancer drugs. They contain sulfur components and flavonoids, which slow down tumor growth and increase immunity.
    onion and garlic
  4. Garnet
    Fruits of pomegranate tree are of great benefit to the female body. Studies have shown that pomegranate juice, rich in antioxidants, helps suppress the growth of cancer cells in the mammary gland.

    Garnet contains substances that blockSynthesis of estrogen. When this hormone is in excess, it provokes the development of cancer cells. Bring a zest to your diet: add the seeds of pomegranate to salads and drink real pomegranate juice.


  5. turmeric
    This yellow spice is very useful for the body, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The main component of turmeric is curcumin, it suppresses growth Cancer cells.
  6. Milk and dairy products
    The use of milk and dairy products is the key to obtaining vitamin d and calcium. And staying in the sun every day for 12 minutes, you reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 50%.

Remember these 6 natural products-healers, include them in your diet, you will get a good Prevention of breast cancer!!