/ How to braid a beautiful braid

How to braid a beautiful braid

With the boys everything is clear and very simple: I wet my hair, ran a comb several times, and my hair is ready. Quite another thing - girls! That mom can create a daughter on her head when there is very little time in the morning?

The simplest option is a bored bundle or a scythe. You will not believe, but the spit can become one of the most Elegant Hairstyles, If you braid it correctly. Such beauty, which is suitable even for a solemn evening, can be built in just 3 minutes.

Head of a child

How to braid a beautiful braid

This woman will show you, How to make an elegant hairstyle Beloved daughter. Take it into service!

Now you do not need to bother with the children's hairdo in the morning. Learn how to create beauty in a matter of minutes.

Share this wonderful video with your girlfriends. Their children will be delighted!