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How to light a fire

Juicy fruit can be Source of electricity!! And recharging the mobile with a lemon - this is not the only trick that can be done with this citrus.

With the help of lemon, you can make a bonfire Any size, with no match, no lighter you will not need.

Fire from a lemon

How to light a fire

You will need

  • 6 copper buttons
  • 6 zinc nails
  • wire
  • Some steel wool

You just need to correctly insert the nails and buttons in a lemon and wrap them with a copper wire to get a unique Ignition device. The instruction is in the video and do not forget to add it to your collection!

Of course, it is difficult to imagine that in extremeThe conditions in your pocket suddenly turn out to be lemon and zinc nails ... but still, you must agree, it's an extraordinary way! Especially since it will be interesting for children to look at such a trick.

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