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Restoration of the dresser

It would seem, who needs Old chest of drawers Without boxes? But if a person has a craving for creativity, he can create a wonderful thing, using any improvised material ...

This is a perfect example of the alteration of a piece of furniture,Which had to be thrown away, especially without thinking! But this woman knows the value of things and likes to give them another chance - the second life of this chest impressed me.

Chest restoration

  1. The dresser is really old, but it has a number of pros - curved legs in the French style, a large capacity and quite strong material from which it is made.
  2. Old chest of drawers

  3. In order to transform the chest of drawers, you first need to grind its parts well and remove the slats inside: they will not be needed, the boxes will still not be ...
  4. chest of drawers

  5. Now you need to paint the shelves!
  6. Chest of drawers photo

  7. I'm delighted with the curls on the legs of the dresser! They will decorate any interior ...
  8. Dressing

  9. Correctly chosen colors - the key to success in the restoration of furniture. A spectacular combination of shades of white and brown makes the dresser perfect!
  10. chest of drawers

  11. It looks like Restored chest of drawers. Well, is not it lovely? Especially nice that it turned out such a comfortable place to sit!
  12. Antique chest of drawers

Now I know what to do with the old chest of drawers,Which has long been gathering dust in my grandmother's garage! I want to change it in my own way and adapt it to the storage of shoes in the corridor. A cozy place to sit will be very helpful ...

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