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Decoration from discs

Old things are always a pity to throw out. And it is not necessary! Because of them you can make bright and Beautiful decorations, Which will bring comfort and comfort to the interior of the home.

Today we will show how to make an unusual craft From a simple cd-disk. Such a product can be used as a stand for glasses or decoration on a Christmas tree, or you can hang it under the ceiling to create a unique design of the room.

Decoration of discs

You will need

  • Old cd
  • Tassel
  • Black acrylic paint
  • screwdriver


  1. Apply acrylic paint on the shiny surface of the disc.
  2. We put the paint on the disc

  3. Let the paint dry. If the glossy surface of the disc is still visible through the paint, apply one more coat of paint.
  4. Paint the second time

  5. After the paint dries, you can start making a masterpiece with a screwdriver. Draw a sketch with a pencil so as not to spoil the drawing.
  6. Draw on disk

  7. To obtain an elegant pattern, use screwdrivers with nozzles of different sizes.
  8. Draw with a large screwdriver

  9. Such a nice piece of work you get in the end.
  10. Ornament on the disk

  11. Or this one. There is no limit to fantasy, just turn on the imagination.
  12. Pattern on the disk

  13. If it's hard to come up with a picture, print out the finished version from the computer.
  14. pattern

From disks it is possible to make a stylish panel, having fixed them inside of a monophonic frame and having hung up on a wall.

Very effectively this panel will look, if you add to it an unusual accent - a juicy apple or a vase with ornament, especially if you have a monochrome interior solution.

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