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How to clean the toilet bowl

If the toilet is clogged, and there is no plunger at hand, you can cheat and apply this trick! I did not believe that it worked so well until I tried it myself ...

Everything you need to Clean the toilet in the home, - a few terry towels (or rags), a usual dish detergent, a bucket and hot water!

Cleaning of the toilet bowl

How to clean the toilet bowl

To begin with, place a few towels or rags at the bottom of the toilet: so you will protect the floor from excess pollution and water. Then pour into the toilet bowl about a glass of dishwashing liquid.

After that, collect a bucket of hot water and pour directly into the clogged pipe. Make sure that the water does not pour over the edge of the toilet.

In 20 minutes you will notice that the water has become noticeably smaller and the blockage gradually disappears. For a good result, fill one more bucket of hot water in the littered toilet.

In this video you will see how simple it is Cleaning of the toilet bowl: The result is excellent!

This method will help not only to break through the pipe, but alsoMake the toilet cleaner. Cheap and effective advice that will come to the rescue in a critical situation. Share it with your friends, let them be ready for any everyday tests!