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Useful tips for women

Knowing these 10 tricks, any woman willRelieved of annoying little things. Uncomfortable shoes with heels, a bra with a protruding sharp bone, nasty crochets on clothes ... why all this endure if you can use genius women's secrets!!

Useful tips for women

  1. shaving foam - A wonderful stain remover! Helps to cope with spots from cosmetics, tomato juice, oil stains. Put some foam on the problem site, lightly rub and rinse the cloth. brilliantly!
  2. with help Clothespins You can compactly fold headphones and wear them so that they are not confused! For the same purpose you can use a small barrette.
  3. Inaccurate tips of laces can be put in order, using Transparent nail polish.
  4. A great idea to prevent the appearance of sweat spots on the shirt on hot summer days!
  5. Sew a bra in a dress without a backrest - a brilliant solution!
  6. A tricky loop with a button will help fix the underwear harnesses: they will no longer stick out treacherously and interfere! Did so with her training shirt: it's very convenient.
  7. Here's how to quickly fix the lack of a bra! When another linen is not at hand, for example, on a trip, this advice is indispensable ...
  8. The usual razor will remove the spools from your favorite things. Neat look always and everywhere!
  9. So you can stretch tight shoes! Fill the plastic bags with water and place them inside the narrow part, then put the shoes in the freezer for the night.
    ballet shoes
  10. Great tips for the fans of high heels! If the third and fourth finger on the legs are wrapped with adhesive tape or plaster, the pressure on the ankle joint during walking on the heels will decrease. Walking will be much more convenient, and your legs will not tire!

    If you put a thin capron toe on your leg in this way, open shoes will not rub. While the appearance of the feet in the shoes will remain perfect!


    You can sew similar pads-socks especially for shoes with high heels. The idea of ​​a million: shoes on the stilettos will remain comfortable even at the end of the evening!

    Foot photo

If you liked these practical advice, tell them about your favorite friends! Real women will always find a way out of any, even very delicate situation ...