/ / Children's sandbox with lid

Children's sandbox with lid

This idea has excited me, and I am sure that everything,Who have children, will not remain indifferent! To make this a miracle from ordinary wooden boards, you do not need much skill ... the main thing is the desire to create something useful, something from which the child will be delighted!

Children's sandbox with lid

  1. This man needed 3 boards measuring 20 x 50 x 2400 mm, 5 boards measuring 90 x 45 x 2400 mm and 41 boards measuring 90 x 22 x 1800 mm. He set to work with enviable zeal!
  2. Boards

  3. Hammer, nails, electric drill - working tools of a caring father.
  4. Whiteboard photo

  5. A small daughter controls the beginning of work on Children's sandbox... how happy she will be at the end!
  6. Boards

  7. Home favorite also noticed that something interesting is happening ...
  8. dog

  9. So, the man knocked down the boards with nails and painted them in different colors with paint cans.
  10. Colored boards

  11. Red and yellow plates form the side parts.
  12. Children's sandbox

    Children's sandbox

  13. The bottom of the sandbox was covered with a thick polyethylene.
  14. Children's sandbox

  15. The transverse board in the center guarantees the stability of the structure.
  16. Children's sandbox

  17. This is the basis of the sandbox from the boards!
  18. Children's sandbox

  19. Now you need to build a lid.
  20. Children's sandbox

  21. So that Sandbox of boards It looked impressive, it is important to correctly combine colors!
  22. Children's sandbox

  23. The cross strips reinforce the sandbox cover.
  24. Children's sandbox photo

  25. Open parts of the lid turn into comfortable benches!
  26. Children's sandbox with lid

    Children's sandbox

  27. The result is a feast for the daughter and her little friends! It is very good that the sandbox can be closed with a lid: this is a rescue from pets, the sand will be clean for a long time.
  28. Children's sandbox photo

After watching these photos you want to buildSuch a sandbox in your yard! A great work plan for fathers who love to create something for their children. I think I have not seen an idea for a long time better ...