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How to make a bang

Today the beauty industry pampers us with all kinds of services, and we do not complain about the lack of good hairdressers and stylists. But, despite this, there is sometimes a desire Prune your hair yourself.

Someone saves time in this way, someone has an extra penny, and some do it for the sake of experiment. Today we are also experimenting!

Famous make-up artist Kamila Bravo shares with us the secret of creation Stunning bangs At home.

If you do not want to waste time on expensive salons and hairdressers to cut extra 2-3 cm, - our article is just for you!

The girl twists a bang

How to cut bangs

You will need

  • Foam for hair (water can be used)
  • scissors
  • Hair dryer

We start to a hairstyle

  1. Tilt your head forward, pull a strand of hair to form a bang. Gather it between your fingers.
  2. Wet the strand with water or smear with foam to styling hair.
  3. Make a small tourniquet from the resulting strand of hair.
  4. Otrizhi 1-2 cm.
  5. Dry and lay bangs with a hairdryer.

Master class on creating a bang from a famous make-up artist, see this video.

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