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Laundry at home

White distilled vinegar And apple cider vinegar are great tools for washing all kinds of things, removing stains, caring for different fabrics!

I've been using vinegar for years. Home-washing, Sometimes I soak in it clothes with stubborn stains. The result is so happy that I want to share this reception with everyone!

The fact is that ordinary vinegar is much more affordable than expensive detergents and stain removers, but in no way inferior to them in terms of efficiency ...

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Laundry at home

  1. One glass of vinegar, added to the washing machine when washing, will keep things bright. Checked on new clothes, which often fades after the first wash!

    In addition, if you use vinegar when washing, there will not be any white soap divorce from the powder or other detergents on the items.

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  3. Vinegar kills harmful bacteria inside the washing machine! This is an excellent disinfectant. Mold There will not be any mud and mustiness, things will be fragrant after washing ...
  4. Adding vinegar in the compartment, where pour the rinse aid, you will get Natural conditioner for things!! Even very hard terry towels will be gentle, like the clothes of an angel ...

    Lace, silk, chiffon and satin - all these delicateFabrics are not designed for washing in a typewriter. Erasing them by hand, you can also add vinegar: things will become soft and will be less prone to creasing.

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  6. Vinegar is excellent Bleaches things. Dull, yellowed cloth as if alive, if washed with vinegar! Add at Washing clothes 1-2 glasses of white vinegar, and everything will sparkle with whiteness.

    Spots of sweat, the smell of perfume, complex oil stains,Traces of fruit juice and foundation - vinegar is able to remove all this dirt from clothes. We can say that vinegar is a wonderful cheap alternative to dry cleaning!

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I recommend that you try this proven tool! If you like the result, I will be very pleased ...