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Cotton buds

Today, cotton buds are multifunctionalSubject, and in fact once it was thought up with only one purpose - to clean the ears. Sticks are an excellent assistant for manicure, make-up, and just come in handy in the home.

Our editorial board has prepared 15 tips for the unusual use of cotton wands. We hope that these tricks will come in handy!

How to use cotton buds

  1. Align the lipstick contour on the lips
    Girl corrects makeup

    Not very neat looks like a lipstick growing out of the lip contours. Correct this trouble will help a wonderful cotton swab, which is in every house.

  2. Now you are with the spirits inseparable
    Perfume and cotton swabs

    Not always in the bag is a place for a bottle of perfume, andSo I want to not part with my favorite fragrance. Apply a little perfume on a cotton swab, put it in a bag with a clasp and at any time use perfume.

  3. Remove stains from the skin after dyeing hair
    Hands in spots

    To do this, make a special mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soda. Put a cotton swab in the resulting paste and gently rub the soiled place.

  4. Free the hair dryer from stuck hair
    Hairdryer with chopsticks

    The hair dryer, like all things, needs care. Regularly clean the parts of the hair dryer from dust and stuck hair for better air supply.

  5. We clean the iron
    The iron is cleaned with chopsticks

    Take a little vinegar and dip a cotton swab into it, thoroughly clear all the dimples and cavities on the sole of the iron. This method is good for steel or ceramic surfaces, but not for Teflon.

  6. Correctly apply self-tanning
    Girl uses self-tanning

    Usually the area of ​​the knees, joints on the hands,Ankles, elbows, become darker, taking in more means. To ensure that the tan color is even, wipe these places with a cotton swab, removing excess product.

  7. If you do not unzip the lightning

    In a shampoo or liquid dishwashing gel, use a cotton swab. On the area where the dog zipper gets stuck, apply a drop of gel. It will fulfill the role of lubricant, and lightning will fasten with ease.

  8. Clean the keyboard
    Cleaning the keyboard with chopsticks

    Put the cushion of the cotton bud in the alcohol and wipe it with a keyboard. The wand will collect dust and remove the traces of oil from the hands.

  9. Remove excess lacquer from the cuticle
     Girl corrects manicure

    Wet the end of the cotton swab in the varnish remover and gently remove the errors.

  10. Wash without water
    Girl wiping eyeshadow

    There are cases when there is no water at all or its use is limited. For example, in a train or an airplane it is not always convenient to take off makeup with water.

    Take micellar water or tonic and apply the remedy on the cotton swab. With light movements, remove the shadows from the eyelids and mascara from the eyelashes.

  11. Smeared mascara - it does not matter
    Girl corrects makeup

    Often, painting eyelashes, we smear mascara with one awkward movement. To correct this mistake will help again with a cotton swab.

    Just rub the problem place with a stick moistened with a make-up remover.

  12. Easily glue false eyelashes
    Gluing false eyelashes

    Gently with a cotton swab, apply glue on false eyelashes. Wait a few seconds and paste them. Your look will become velvety.

  13. We correct the arrows
    Girl corrects arrows

    Not always beautiful and smooth arrows are obtained withThe first time, but do not get upset. There is always a cotton swab at your fingertips! Apply a little to remove the makeup on the tip of the stick and remove all unnecessary.

  14. Make evening make-up
    evening make-up

    There are situations when at hand is not a favorite set of make-up brushes. In such cases, we are again helped out with cotton swabs.

    Shade your favorite eye shadow with a stick, and you will get an excellent evening makeup.

  15. We take cotton sticks on a trip
    Cotton buds in a box

    Going on the road, do not take with him a whole pack of cotton buds, because the place in the suitcase and so little.

    Put a dozen sticks in a small vial of medicine, this will help save precious space.

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