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Correct eye makeup

These 8 simple tricks will instantly improve yourappearance! Do not need to be a professional to be able to do an impeccable eye makeup ... the main thing is to know the subtleties that will play in your favor. Even if you slept today only 4 hours, you can look relaxed and fresh, and all thanks to these wonderful tricks!

Correct eye makeup

  1. Pay enough attention to the eyebrows! Well-groomed eyebrows Play a crucial role in eye makeup.
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  2. Apply Hailer On the inner corners of the eyes - this will make the look more expressive, open and clear.
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  3. It's much easier to draw arrows than you used to think! This form of arrows always looks good.
    Make-up eyes girl
  4. Smoky makeup Make it easy, it is suitable for both daytime and evening activities. Why not improve yourself this way?
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  5. White eyeliner will make the eyes visually more! Put a dot on the inner corner of the eye and rub it a little. The effect is unmatched ...
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  6. Do not forget to curl your eyelashes: this simple procedure will make your face younger instantly! Eyelash curler Be sure to be in your cosmetic bag.
    Eye make-up
  7. Look up when you dye your eyelashes. Thanks to this trick you will extend your eyelashes and make your look incredibly attractive ...
    Eye make-up
  8. So that your eyes stand out better on your face, use calm, beige shades of lipstick. Looks very aristocratic, no vulgarity!
    Eye make-up

Your eyes reflect your thoughts, your soul, remember this! It is very important to properly paint them ... tell your friends about these effective techniques, they surely will also be useful to them!