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Hairstyle for medium hair

I like women who know their worth. These representatives of the fair sex look exquisite even in the most ordinary day, pleasing to others! Impeccable female image - a sincere smile, an open face and carefully arranged hair ...

To make such an original Hairstyle with a pigtail, It takes about 20 minutes of time, medium-length hair, 2 hairpins and a comb, which is convenient to make an even part. I was delighted to see the result!

Hairstyle with a pigtail

Hairstyle for medium hair

Separated a strand of hair in the center of the head with two evenSeparations. Then twist the thin pigtail. At the forehead level, divide it into two parts, fix the thin strands with hairpins and twine 2 thin plaits on the sides.

In this video shows how the royal Hairstyle for medium and long hair!! This style will transform any person, add charm and brighten up the gray routine ... for the sake of beauty and positive emotions I want to try!

Since childhood I love pigtails - this detail is veryDecorates hair, I think. In this version, the pigtail will suit even older women: be sure that this hairstyle perfectly conceals age and ennobles!

Tell your friends the idea for a bright spring and summer image, sharing this video with them! Original solutions will make you a trendsetter ...