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Tips for truck farmers

Spring is strengthening its positions with might and main: The sun warms up more and more, the birds are singing louder, the first thunderstorms are not far off ... and these are signals for all gardeners to start preparations for a new season of field work.

Truck farmers

"so simple!" Wants to share Lifhakami for the garden and the garden, Which will facilitate work and help to save considerably.

Tips for truck farmers

  1. Containers for seedlings
    Planting sprouts in plastic bottles, you will kill 2 birds with one stone: save on containers and take care of nature.
    Plastic bottles for seedlings
  2. Prevention of fungal diseases
    No matter how strange it may sound, but for the prevention and treatment of fungal diseases, watering the seedlings needs water with the addition of hydrogen peroxide (1 tsp per 1 liter of water). Especially useful it will be a houseplant.
    Watering of plants
  3. Acceleration of growth
    The remains of tea or coffee on the bottom of the mug - Nitrogen source, This fertilizer significantly accelerates the growth of plants.
  4. mulching
    Mulching is the covering of the soil with a layer of mulch(Any organic matter) to improve soil properties and retain moisture. This method will save on irrigation and fertilizers throughout the season. Wood shavings or straw are perfect for mulching.
  5. mulching

  6. Healthy seedlings
    Used for processing seedlings, chemicalMeans - not the best option, especially with organic farming. Ground cinnamon, turmeric and cloves perfectly cope with bacteria and pathogens. Pour 1 tsp. Spices 1 liter of boiling water, cool and water the plants with this infusion once every 2 weeks.
  7. compost
    Tea welding is an excellent compost material. Just throw it in a specially designated place in the backyard, and then use it as a nutrient layer in the formation of beds.
    Compost from welding
  8. Useful insects
    Take care of attracting to your garden useful insects (ladybirds, bumblebee, golden-eyed, osmium), which will help you in the fight against pests and pollinate plants. For example, to ladybugs, Indefatigable wrestlers with aphids, have chosen your site, in a certain place sprinkle the soil with sugar syrup.
  9. Get rid of slugs
    These creatures do not have a place on your site: in a short time they can nullify months of painstaking work. So during the spring preparatory work immediately destroy these pests.
    Slug in the garden
  10. Calendula is the protector of the garden
    Calendula (marigold) is not only a medicinalPlant, but also a real protector of plants against diseases and insect pests. Sow calendula between the beds and around the fruit trees to not only decorate the garden, but also To discourage Colorado beetles, Nematodes and other uninvited guests.
  11. Film for plants
    Invest in a film for plants. Such mini-greenhouses significantly reduce the costs of effort and time for watering, and also additionally protect the still fragile seedlings from nighttime temperature changes.
    Mini greenhouse

Taking care of such small things well in advance, youYou will greatly facilitate your life throughout the season of garden work. If you can not wait to collect the first harvest, try to equip a full-fledged bed directly on the windowsill.

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