/ How to Make a Bundle of Hair

How to make a bunch of hair

Ponytail - the most, perhaps, uncomplicated hairstyle ... but it's so trite! When time is short, and with hair you want to do something unusual, make a choice in favor of the original High beam On the vertex.

Today "so simple!" Will prove that a beautiful hairstyle is not always difficult.

High beam

How to make a bunch of hair

To make such a high beam, it will take only a few invisible and a couple of minutes. But the result is really delicious!

How to do it Beautiful knot from hair Shown in the video in full detail. See how easy it is to create it.

This stylish hairstyle for 3 minutes is excellentLooks like with everyday T-shirts and jeans, and with a festive outfit. Become the queen of the party! Do not forget only that any hairstyle looks beautiful only on well-groomed and clean hair.

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