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How to know the nature of a person

Imagine, our body can tell us much more about us than psychologists and even the closest people! Today you will learn all about your character.

How to know the character of a person

Three fists

"so simple!" It invites you to pass Unusual test, And for this you just need to clench your fist. Do not hesitate to squeeze your fist and see what your reflexes will tell you!

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  1. If your fist looks like on picture number 1
    You are undoubtedly kind, energetic and sympathetichuman. You have an amazing sense of humor, and people are always interested in you. With you you can go to the fire and into the water. You are the one who always does more than he says.

    With all these qualities you are mentally vulnerablePerson and you take everything to heart. At the same time you have the delicacy not to respond to rudeness rudeness. Be careful, people can use your kindness. Do not expect help from people you do not like.

    Trying to treat well all people, do not forget about your half. Because she also needs your care. Signs of attention to the most beloved have not been canceled yet, and it is always very pleasant.

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  3. If your fist looks like on picture number 2
    You are a person who undoubtedly knows his worth andUnderstands its importance. You are principled in your beliefs, and you do not have to take intellect. You are always ready for new knowledge, and you have something to talk about. For you is very important support friends, if you get it - for you there are no barriers.

    In a romantic relationship there is no man more faithfulyou. But apparently you are often shy and do not dare to show emotions. Do not be afraid to seem obtrusive, show your feelings, and your half will appreciate it.

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  5. If your fist looks like in picture # 3
    People at first sight may have a dimImpression of you. You are often embarrassed in the presence of strangers, you are not always leading in conversations, but you have an amazing gift to clearly see the essence and ways of solving any problem.

    It happens that, striving for perfection, you are wounded by the closest ones or you lose friends. Try to take a more active life position.

    Love has a positive effect on you, and you keep your relationship secret until the last. Your half you can forgive even the most powerful grievances, but the level of your nobility sometimes goes off scale.

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