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Ideas for spring manicure

Do you want your hands to look great on a date or at a party? Today our editorial board will reveal the secret of how easy and simple it is to create Amazing manicure, Which is perfect for any event.

Agree, because in spring you want to be irresistible to the tips of your nails! Now you do not need to make an appointment with the master, luxurious Polish manicure You can do it at home with only a couple of base colors on hand.

We hope that our Manicure options You will definitely like it!

Ideas for spring manicure

  1. White-blue manicure will be an excellent addition to the spring look, and the blue outfit will make the image complete.
    Blue dots
  2. A stylish little pea on a beige background is perfect for a business girl.
    black dots
  3. Such a manicure will also have to the liking of modest office workers.
    Large peas
  4. Elegant manners this manicure will be welcome. You just need to add a few accessories of pastel shades to your image.
    Purple manicure
  5. Gentle girls will definitely like this version of unpretentious nail design.
    Manicure with daisies
  6. It is not necessary to cover the whole nail with peas, when you can safely experiment.
    Green manicure
  7. Dressing in a classic style, do not forget about the classic manicure. It will be an ideal addition to a strict costume.
    Black and white manicure
  8. On a lavender background, the black peas look perfect. Take this design for service!
  9. Romantic natures, adoring an exquisite jacket, you might like this unbeaten version.
     French manicure
  10. You can use gentle ornaments in addition to the big peas. They will emphasize your elegance.
    Large peas
  11. Silver notes are relevant even in manicure.
    Purple version
  12. Determined women will appreciate bright red peas.
    Red pea
  13. And creative girls will be delighted with the ability to combine colors and shades.
    Pastel manicure
  14. Another version of manicure in the classical style. Your hands will look perfect against the background of a black clutch.
    Version of black and white manicure
  15. Gentle shades are always in fashion, try and this option manicure.
    Pink manicure

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