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Prophetic dreams

Prophetic dreams are dreamed of by everyone, but not everyone canunderstand. Many doubt, but do they exist at all? But we know that it was in a dream to Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was the table of chemical elements!

How to figure out if your dream is prophetic? Today the editorial board will tell you about it "so simple!".

Women, most often, prophetic dreams are dreamed before a woman's day. Women's days are Wednesday and Friday. Remember the dreams From Thursday to Friday, dreams come true!!

Expect prophetic dreams in any churchcelebration. Also, if you are awake with the feeling that you want to hold your sleep, there is a good chance that this dream is special and you need to take note of it.

In addition, dreams may be present Hidden characters, It is worth remembering some of them to be on the alert!

We hope that our Interpretation of dreams You will be useful!

Prophetic dreams

  1. Boxes

    If you dreamed of this symbol, then, ratherAll, you are waiting for secrets and disappointments. You subconsciously feel that something is hidden from you. If you opened the box and it turned out to be empty - soon you will face material difficulties. A full box promises prosperity and all sorts of benefits.

  2. a fall
    A man falls

    Such a sign in a dream indicates an increasedFeelings of anxiety and lack of control. Falling, like any downward movement, means failure. Falling in a dream from somewhere indicates a rapid and irreversible loss of position.

    If your fall ends unexpectedlyTake-off before the contact with the earth, this heralds a collapse in business. But at the same time you will have the opportunity to overcome difficulties at the very last moment.

  3. Cats

    In dreams, the appearance of these animals speaks primarily of the fact that you can safely rely on your intuition. And your home favorite can appear in a dream as an immediate participant in the dream.

    Folk wisdom says that the cats dream of quarreling, and the kittens - to petty quarrels.

  4. teeth

    Dreams in which you lose your teeth with blood orSevere pain, predict a serious illness of one of the members of the family. If the loss of teeth occurs without any painful sensations, it means that something obsolete and outdated will go into the background.

  5. Ants

    Ants are a symbol of diligence, thrift, restraint. Their appearance in a dream presages a vain everyday life, which will fully pay off with conscientious work.

  6. hair

    If in a dream you comb your hair, then this is a sign of trying to deal with your problems. The longer the hair, the more difficult things are in your real life.

    A beautiful hairstyle in a dream is the key to success in your affairs. Short hair is a warning of excessive extravagance. To stroke someone's hair in a dream is a good turn in love affairs.

  7. water
    The girl is swimming

    The water is dreaming of people willing to take risks. You like to set big goals and use any chance. If you dream about water, then the subconscious mind requires you to act decisively.

    In the case when the water dreams of a calm sea or even of the ocean, this means that you are waiting for pleasant news.

  8. flight
    Man flies

    Many people dream about dreams in which they are picked up by an unknown force and they bravely soar above the earth. Such dreams are dreamed when we really want to travel.

    There is a belief that if a child flies in a dream, then it grows. Dreams in which adults fly, indicate a light, superficial attitude to anything.

  9. road
    Man at the crossroads

    The dreamed straight and wide road portendsTrue, though not quite easy, life path. If you pave the way, then in real life due to its solid character and hard work you will achieve great heights.

    A narrow path in a dream promises an uneasy path to fame and a stable life. But in the end everything will work out.

  10. mud
    Feet in the mud

    A dream in which you make your way through hummocks, means that in life you have to find a way out of a difficult situation, after thinking carefully, you will deal with all the turmoil.

  11. green color

    The green color in a dream means that you are satisfied with the current state of things. You love those who are close to you, and they have positive feelings for you. Continue in the same spirit!

  12. nudity
    A girl without clothes

    This dream is quite common. It symbolizes the fear that others will condemn you. You may have been exposed to the stress associated with humiliation.

    In this case your consciousness wants to tell you: perceive yourself as you are.

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