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Home ideas

Every day we face difficulties, big and small. I want them to be smaller, but where to go - everyday trifles are an integral part of our life ...

these Interesting ideas Help you to do a lot ofPleasure. Making your life easier, you improve your mood and make a small step towards happiness! I was delighted with the advice that I share with you. I hope they will benefit!

Home ideas

  1. An elegant replacement for the strap: if it is wiped, you can successfully use instead of silk ribbon, scarf, piece of fabric.
  2. Coil thread - a brilliant device for Headphone storage. Nothing is confused, it is convenient to carry in your pocket!
  3. Lego-man can serve as a fixer for wires. A trick to maintain order and good mood!
  4. That's how it should be Peel bananas!! It's only necessary to put a little pressure on the top, as a miracle happens ...
  5. Idea for storing sunglasses.
  6. From a conventional box, you can make a magic casket with ornaments, using plastic hooks. I did this for my wife!
  7. paper bags - assistants in the organization of various trifles. You can attach bright paper bags from kraft paper to the wall, and you will have an extra place to store small items!
    Wall decor
  8. An idea for everyone who loves a non-standard design: a chandelier made from sunglasses.
  9. You can easily thread a thread into a needle, if you sbriznesh its tip with hairspray.
  10. When there is no one to ask to fasten a bracelet on your wrist, use a paper clip!
    a bracelet
  11. An idea for lovers of domestic plants! Water the vases with cooled water, which remains after boiling vegetables. Acts better than any chemical fertilizer!
  12. To clean a frying pan To shine it is possible with the help of salt and raw potatoes! A wonderful trick, everything shines ...
  13. If the neck of the bottle is covered by a membrane, make in it a couple of punctures: the dispenser for oil and other substances is ready!
  14. Idea for rework Old shoes. A great option for giving!


If any of these ideas appealed to you, I will be very happy! Tell me in the comments about tricky tricks that you love to use in everyday life, share with others your discoveries!