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Functions of the appendix

If the appendix is ​​inflamed, it is usually cut out, and this is justified. The risk of getting peritonitis with a fatal outcome is too great! But nature has not just presented a strange process of the intestine to man.

The use of appendix for the body became knownMost recently, and doctors believe this discovery is very valuable for further immunity research. The team of immunologists found out that in ancient times the appendix saved a person life after suffering dysentery or cholera, and that's why ...


Functions of the appendix

The appendix functioned as a repository of usefulThe bacteria that are important for the proper functioning of the intestine. After the intestinal microflora died due to a serious illness, the appendix provided the intestines with stored bacteria, restoring Work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Now this function of the appendix is ​​not in demand: the planet is now heavily populated, because there are no problems with the presence of bacteria. People generously share their microflora with each other, even without noticing it.

But in the time of cholera, a terrible disease killed everythingLive, including a useful microflora of the intestine, without which the body could not work properly. Then the appendix came to the rescue, supplying the right bacteria to the intestine!

This information has become for me a real discovery! And you removed the appendix? Share with your friends news from the world of medicine, surely they have not heard of it.