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How to sharpen a razor

If you use Disposable shaving machines, As I do sometimes, my heart is full of sympathy. The blades in them blunt overnight! That there to speak, even high-quality expensive razors with a lot of blades quite quickly fail ...

Razor with a wide blade, which used myGrandpa - this is the standard! Grandpa's razor was always sharp, I remember how he sharpened it with a piece of leather. It's hard to express my delight after I learned that the blades of a conventional machine can also return sharpness ... now I do so constantly!

How to sharpen a razor

You will need

  • Razor blades with blunted blades
  • Old jeans

operating procedure

  1. So that Sharpen a razor, Pre-dry the blade. Take old jeans, lay them on a firm flat surface and hold the blade along the leg 15-20 times. For such a trick you can use a piece of denim.
    Sharpen a razor
  2. Change the direction of the shaving head and hold the blade on the jeans 15-20 times more. Do not press very hard, just lightly press on the machine. The razor should easily slide on the jeans!
    Razor and jeans
  3. Ready! For a couple of minutes the razor has become like a new one - a sharp blade will not injure the skin and cause inconvenience when shaving! If I had known before that Sharpen a razor blade so easy…
    Razor Photo

I hope you will appreciate this technique andCheck it in practice! He will save your money, and the skin will be gentle and clean-shaven ... show your friends how to prolong the life of a shaving machine: the practicality of the board is beyond doubt!