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Aloe in the home

Perhaps, everyone has heard about the medicinal Properties of aloe vera... I, for example, are totally ecstatic about this plant! As long as I can remember, there was always a pot of aloe on the windowsill.

aloe vera

Long time ago my grandmother taught me Grow aloe vera From babies (basal shoot). The process so fascinated me, and the effect of aloe juice was so impressive that now I recommend to friends and acquaintances to try and make friends with this plant!

Aloe in the home

The most difficult thing in this business is to get a baby of this aloe vera. Because this is the kind of aloe that is most useful.

You will need

  • Clay pot
  • Soil for growing cacti
  • Shards, gravel or expanded clay (for drainage)
  • Knife
  • aloe
  • water
  • Root-former (optional)

  1. Babies (radical shoots) are part of an adult plant. For planting fit children, which formed not less than 4 leaves, grown already up to 5 cm in height.
  2. Shoots of aloe vera

  3. It's easiest to separate shoots from an adult bush during a seasonal transplant: it's easier to see the place of their connection. Carefully detach the seedling, taking care not to damage the roots.
  4. How to plant aloe

  5. Choose a suitable sized clay pot with a drain hole. At the bottom of the pot is a mound of drainage layer, and on top of the soil for cacti.
    Clay pot
  6. Make a deepening in the earth so that the roots of the shoot can freely fit into it. Great, if you have Root stimulant: Just dip the rootlets into it before planting. Compact the earth around the seedlings and fields moderately.
    How to plant aloe
  7. Put the pot in a well-lit place, but not under direct sunlight. Water aloe only after the full drying of the upper layer of the earth, trying not to wet the soil. This can cause Root rot And provoke the appearance of pests (mealybug and scab).
  8. Cut the leaves from a young plant for medical purposes will be only after 2 months.

It is difficult to overestimate the healing power of a green doctor! Aloe vera juice is a valuable component of many cosmetic products, it is also applied externally for the treatment of burns, wounds, cuts, dermatitis, arthritis ... a healing drink with aloe juice when ingested increases the tone of the body and immunity, this remedy is used for constipation and colitis.

Tell your friends how useful it is to have this indoor plant!!