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How to remove chewing gum from clothes

Many at least once in a lifetime, but experienced this trouble ... the chewing gum sticking to the clothes is a serious reason for grieving. To remove the chewing gum, Leaving no stains, it is very difficult! But everything changes thanks to an ingenious device.

Now I know how to cope with tightly attached to the fabric chewing gum! There are as many as 3 means that operate without fail.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes


  1. Lightly heat the vinegar.
  2. Vinegar pictures

  3. Pour vinegar on the chewing gum, rub the problem place.
  4. How to remove chewing gum

  5. Immediately wash the thing to remove the unpleasant odor and remove the remnants of gum.
  6. How to remove cud

peanut butter

  1. Apply peanut butter on cloth and chewing gum with a toothbrush.
  2. Chewing gum

  3. Wash the thing using a stain remover - the oil can leave a greasy impression. But the gum will disappear completely!
  4. Remove cud


  1. Place an ice cube on the cud and try to separate it when it becomes cold.
  2. If the way with the ice cube did not work, try to freeze the thing. Chewing gum is easily removed!

Chewing gum on clothes No more problem! To know this cunning earlier, how many clothes would be saved ... show this vital lifhak to friends, they will be happy with a valuable advice!