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How to lose weight fast without dieting

Many people who are overweight have already tried various drinks that promise a fast Getting rid of excess fat. Recent studies indicate that the best results have been shown by means of spices and spices.

Obesity in women and men

How to lose weight fast without dieting

Cumin (zira) Is actually the most common spice,Used in the eastern kitchen. Externally it is very similar to cumin, but their taste and flavor are completely different. A bright nutty taste incredibly enriches dishes from vegetables, rice, poultry, lamb.


In ancient times this seasoning was used for treatmentCholelithiasis, bloating, in the form of lotions applied to the wounds. Nursing mothers used zira to prevent colic in babies. Cumin protects the intestines, liver, kidneys from the development of cancer, increases immunity and frees the body's cells of free radicals.

Another amazing Cumin property - effective reduction of cholesterol andAcceleration of metabolism. Tea with the addition of this spice quickly reduces appetite, gives a feeling of satiety, and gently removes excess fluid from the tissues. Due to stimulation of intestinal peristalsis and normalization of blood circulation, this drink enhances the action of any diet, even health.

To obtain a unique Slimming drink, Fill in a thermos 2 tsp. Green tea and 3 tsp. Zira, pour 500 ml of hot water and let it brew. Drink tea in between meals.

The use of cumin, as well as many other spices, is contraindicated in people suffering from peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcers, gastritis with high acidity.

Pay attention to this spice, if you want Accelerate the process of losing weight 3 times! Also cumin can be sown and on its site or directly on the balcony: the technology of growing practically does not differ from that used for other spicy-aromatic plants.

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