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Milium on the face

Millions are white or yellow entities onThe skin that appears as a result of clogged pores, in appearance they resemble small millet grains. Miliums are most often located around the eyes, on the chin, in the temples, occasionally on the nose.

If you noticed small White dots on the face, Then your body tries to warn you about hidden Health problems.

Milium on the face

The causes of their appearance can be: hormonal failures, decreased immunity, malnutrition, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as poor heredity.

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Treatment of milium

  1. Mechanical removal
    Doctors, cosmetologists insist that when you get such specks you do not self-medicate. And in no case can not squeeze out or puncture the small pimples.

    Such actions entail consequences in the form ofScars. Qualitatively the procedure of mechanical removal can be carried out only by a professional cosmetologist. He pierces miliums without damaging other layers of skin.

  2. Electrocoagulation procedure
    The whole point of it is to cauterize the areas of the face,Affected by the disease, high-frequency electric current. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly treat the skin with antiseptic means for some time.
  3. Laser coagulation procedure
    The process of deleting miliums occurs with the help ofLaser, rather than an electric current. This procedure has the same principle as electrocoagulation. After it also remains a crust on the skin, which should be treated with antiseptics. For today this kind of treatment is most widespread.
  4. Curettage
    The essence of such treatment is in scrapingMilium with the help of a special tool - curette. This treatment option is considered not very effective, because after it often on the skin there are scars.

It does not matter which treatment method you choose, the main thing is to surrender to the specialists. Do not engage in self-medication, because when it comes to your appearance, you can not play with fire.

To protect yourself from the appearance of this diseaseYou need to regularly cleanse the skin with masks, scrubs and peelings. The important thing is proper nutrition. Do not abuse fried, fatty, sweet and smoked products.

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