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How to wash apples

Before there are apples from the store, everyone should know about it! Apple peel Contains a lot of useful microelements and vitamins, because doctors recommend eating apples with skin. But be careful, the beauty of the shopping apples is so deceptive ...

That apples have a marketable appearance, they are sprayed with wax, eaten in food which is very harmful. It's good that there is this easy way to peel the apple peel!

How to wash apples

You will need

  • Apples from the store
  • soda
  • lemon juice
  • Warm water

What do we have to do

  1. Peel the apples with boiling water.
    How to properly wash apples
  2. Wax coating, which is present on the fruit, will immediately manifest itself! that's disgusting…
    How to wash apples from wax
  3. Pour onto the apples a mixture of soda and lemon juice.
    Why wash apples
  4. Fill the fruit and the soda mixture with warm water.
    Than washed processed apples
  5. Rub the peel of apples with a toothbrush.
    How to crush apples from wax
  6. Flawlessly clean and useful apples flaunt on the table!
    Apples from the store photo

Of course, when there is a possibility, I buy apples not in the store, but in the market. Home fruit is much more useful, and I know that my familiar sellers certainly do not handle them at all!

This trick will help out when the store apples are already bought and want to eat them. Give this important information to others, friends from the heart will say thank you!