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Advice to the hostess

Agree that in the kitchen without Small tricks not enough. Because you always want to make the dishes more tasty, so that cooking time will take less, and the kitchen will always be clean. So the inventive mistresses use fantasy 100% and share their experience.

"so simple!" Collected 11 useful tips that will save you from Domestic problems. Knowing these tricks, you will feel like a queen in the kitchen!

Useful advice to the hostess

  1. If you need to put in the refrigerator the remains of warm food, leave the lid of the container ajar so that the food will cool down quickly and not become spoiled.
    food container
  2. Before cutting raw meat with thin slices, place it for an hour in the freezer.
    raw meat
  3. To get rid of the smell of garlic on your hands, rub it on a spoonful of stainless steel.
    a spoon
  4. Popcorn in a microwave is much safer and more useful to cook in glassware.
  5. To check if enough water for cooking rice, use your index finger. The level of rice should reach the first phalanx of the finger, and the water level - the second. This advice is useful for beginners in the kitchen.
    boiled rice
  6. So that the potatoes get ready faster, pierce it with a fork in several places and send it for 4 minutes into the microwave before cooking.
    Potatoes in a microwave oven
  7. Before using dishes for sticky ingredients, grease it with vegetable oil. Washing dishes will be much easier.
    dirty dishes
  8. To make a foam from milk, pour it into a glass jar, shake for 30 seconds and put in a microwave for 30 seconds.
    Milk foam
  9. First, roll the pieces of fruit or berries in flour, then add them to the baking dough. So the fruits will be evenly distributed in the pie and will not sink to the bottom.
  10. To quickly freeze the meat, make from it a thin layer.
    Frozen meat
  11. Vegetables and meat are prepared more quickly if they are cut diagonally.
    Sliced ​​carrots

And what are your culinary secrets? Share your invaluable experience in the comments and tell your friends about the article!