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Potato juice with gastritis

Poor-quality food and water, dysbacteriosis,Alcohol abuse, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (acetylsalicylic acid, ibuprofen, diclofenac), smoking, stress, neuroses can lead to development Gastritis.

This disease is characterized by inflammation of the gastric mucosa and is accompanied by aching pains, frequent belching, loss of appetite, loss of strength.


Potato juice helps with gastritis With high acidity. In the period of exacerbation, this remedy quickly relieves pain and inflammation, the active components have a long-term therapeutic effect.

Potato juice with gastritis

Potato juice for the treatment of gastritis In the people used for a long time. It consists of proteins, amino acids, minerals, fiber and organic acids in such a combination that allows you to effectively eliminate heartburn, relieve pain, improve peristalsis, improve appetite and accelerate mucosal regeneration.

Since the potato juice retains its propertiesOnly the first 10 minutes, prepare it immediately before use. For the preparation of the drink, use medium-sized raw potatoes without damage, green or sprouted is not good.

Potato thoroughly washed in hot water. To get the juice you can use a juicer, but if you do not have it, the potatoes on the grater.

Potato juice with gastritis

for Treatment of gastritis Take the agent for 10 days for 1 tbsp. L. For 30-40 minutes before meals 3 times a day. Then you should take a break for 10 days. The next 10 days drink juice also 2-3 times a day, gradually increasing the dose with 1/4 of the st. Up to 1/2 tbsp. By the same scheme in the spring-autumn period, take juice for the prevention of exacerbations.

Contraindications to use: Gastritis with low acidity, diabetes mellitus, excessive body weight, excessive intestinal fermentation processes. So that the active substances contained in the juice do not damage the tooth enamel, drink it through a straw, and then rinse your mouth.

During treatment, a specialDiet: exclude fried, fatty, spicy food, pickles, marinades, citrus fruits, coffee, carbonated drinks. Pay attention to aggressive products for gastric mucosa.

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